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Ravensdale Primary School


Pupil Zone 

Be Internet Awesome! - become a fearless explorer of the online world in a quest to deny hackers, sink phishers, one-up cyberbullies and outsmart oversharers!

Tips for Staying Safe Online - lots of tips and advice to stay safe online and what to do if you are worried from Childline.

Bullying and Cyberbullying - if you or someone you know is being bullied tell an adult you trust. Use the link to get advice and find out who else you can talk to.

ThinkUKnow - play games, get advice and talk about any worries.

BBC Own It - find out about different parts of the online world and get a grip on your digital wellbeing


If you feel uncomfortable or worried about someone you are chatting to online, tell an adult you trust.

You can get help and talk to someone trustworthy using the green button:

Report a concern 





Family Zone - useful information for adults

The internet is a fantastic place for children to learn, create and have fun. However, they may have to deal with a variety of sometimes challenging online safety issues and risks. The following links provide guides and advice about what issues your child may face and how you can support them.

Read ChildNet's quick guide to online safety an unreadable preview of ChildNet's guide to supporting young people online

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Want to know more about apps, websites and devices?

Do you know your TikTok from your Roblox?  Keeping up with the latest trends can be confusing. The guides below offer practical advice about apps, games and devices, including how to set-up parental controls.

Logos for the apps: YouTube, SnapChat, TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, Discord, Omegle, Yubu, MeowChat and LoLMe

ParentZone offers guides and advice about online platforms and trends.

InternetMatters step-by-step guides on setting parental controls for popular apps and devices, including gaming consoles.

Common Sense Media provide reviews and age ratings to help you check whether content is suitable for your child.

UK Safer Internet Centre - offers a wide range of advice and guidance including parental controls.

ThinkUKnow - offers the latest information on websites, devices and social media apps.

Did you know? The minimum age for most social networking sites, including Instagram, YouTube is 13?



Worried or concerned about online behaviour?

It's good for your child to know that they can and should talk to you if they see anything upsetting online. The links below can help you take the next step or get advice on how to start these conversations. 
Please also speak to your child's class teacher or a member of staff if you have a concern.

Report a concern 

InternetMatters help for parents and carers on how to respond to and report issues online.

ThinkUKnow - advice about keeping children safe online and tools if you are concerned about your child.

Internet Matters - Issues - advice on a range of online safety issues

NSPCC - online safety advice to help you learn about staying safe online as a family

ChildNet explains what to do if a child has come to you or needs help, along with advice on starting conversations


If you want to report someone who is behaving suspiciously online towards a child, which is causing immediate danger, you should contact 999.