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Ravensdale Primary School

🏫 Welcome to Year 4 👩‍🏫

 🏃 Our P.E days are Monday and Tuesday . Children should come to school in their P.E. kit on these days if they are taking part. Our P.E. uniform requires plain tshirts. Please ensure earrings are removed.

🏊 Swimming will begin in the Summer Term.

Year 4 are split into Swifts taught by Miss Mitchell and Swallows  taught by Mrs Bridge.  Children are supported by Mrs Pickard, who works across Year 4, and Mrs Pearson, who works across Year 4 and Year 3. On Mondays, Mrs Russell teaches music and Mr Jones, our sports coach, teaches PE. Our lunchtime supervisors are Mrs Donaldson and Mrs Ali.

🎄At the moment, we are busy rehearsing for our Christmas Concert. Children have been given a paper pack of words to learn. They may also wish to practise the makaton signs for Holly Jolly Christmas using this video.

Homework is set every Friday. Everything children need is here:

Times Tables - Children should aim to practise on Times Table Rock Stars at least 5 minutes a day. Their username and passwords are stuck in the back of their reading diaries. Log in into TTRS here. In preparation for the National Multiplication Times table Check in June, please encourage your child to practice on the single player > soundcheck mode

📚Independent Reading - Aim to listen to your child read for at least 10 minutes a day. Children will have a banded reading book and a self-chosen book from our school or class library. Please ensure that reading diaries and banded reading books are brought into school each day.

.🎯Spelling -  Children learn a new spelling rule each week and are asked to complete the matching activities set on Spelling Shed. We have a spelling test each Thursday. Log in to Spelling Shed here. This week, we are continuing our learning on the suffix -ly which makes adverbs. The examples we have discussed in class this week are sadly, completely, wildly, bravely, gently, foolishly, proudly, horribly, nervously, happily but there are many more. 

Useful tips for turning adjectives into adverbs using -ly:

If it ends in y, change to i (lazy to lazily)

If it ends in ‘le’, remove e (noble to nobly)

There are some exceptions that don't change a y to an i, usually one syllable words like shy (shyly) or coy (coyly).

 Practise using the assignment set on Spelling Shed ready for a test on Thursday 7th December.


Next week, we will be looking at words ending -lly, such as: usually, finally, beautifully, thoughtfully, wonderfully, carefully, faithfully, peacefully, cruelly, generally

There are some helpful tips for most of these spellings:

If it ends in -ic, add ‘ally’ (comic to comically) 

If it ends in l, add ly (thoughtful to thoughtfully)

If it ends in ll, just add y


Statutory Spelling Words: Please continue to encourage your children to practise the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling List. These are set on assignments for the weeks we first learn them but can also be accessed at any time on Spelling Shed (Labelled as 'challenge words').

So far we have learnt: 

(List 8) strength, grammar, calendar, women, appear, straight, interest, opposite, increase, believe

(List 12) February, naughty, experiment, remember, famous, continue, favourite, complete, material, knowledge.


Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in our latest Curriculum Map:

🍁 Autumn Curriculum Map

Be sure to check the official Ravensdale Twitter and our monthly Ravensdale Mail to see us in action.

News and Useful Information

November 2023

⚡This month, parents will have received information about the Multiplication Tables Check sat by Year 4 across the country in June. A copy of the booklet is available here. You do not need to do anything outside of the normal times table homework to prepare your child. Should you have any questions, please speak to your child's class teacher.

October 2023

🙋‍♀️ Thank you to everyone who attended our parents' evening on Tuesday 17th October and Thursday 19th October. Should you have have queries or concerns before our next official meeting, please chat to us on the door or send an email via the school office: office@ravensdale.coventry.sch.uk

September 2023

Many thanks for families that attended our Parent Information Session on 20th September. You can find a copy of the presentation here, covering PE Kits, Our Week, Homework and Behaviour at Ravensdale. Please take particular note of guidance on PE kits and earrings.


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