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Ravensdale Primary School

Values and attitudes

Every child at Ravensdale is recognised and valued as a unique individual. We celebrate and welcome the differences within our school community and we believe that every child has great ability to acquire skills and develop knowledge; every child has great ability to learn well.

Raising aspirations and encouraging our children to use good learning behaviours that will help them best embrace the opportunities for learning and self-development available to them is intrinsic to our curriculum offer.

We promote positive attitudes to learning, and good behaviour, using ‘The Ravensdale Way’ – our behaviour curriculum – and by growing good attitudes through the promotion and exploration of our five school values, intertwined through all we do at Ravensdale.

We seek to empower our pupils in taking responsibility for learning.

Our curriculum has been designed to:

  • recognise children’s prior learning
  • drive skill acquisition and knowledge development in a progressive and consolidating way
  • provide first-hand learning experiences
  • promote the children’s well-being
  • build creative, critical thinkers and learners

Our end goal? To fuel creativity and ensure our pupils’ exposure to concepts that can drive positive change beyond the classroom and beyond.

With this in mind, we have invested time and finance in a progressive curriculum that is values driven and challenging.  We carefully implement this, reviewing each year to see how we might improve outcomes and learning for our pupils. 

Our curriculum enables pupils’ learning to be holistic and thematic; we believe this way of organising and connecting teaching and learning will best lead to them becoming well-rounded and happy individuals, showing values and attitudes that will best enable them to be the best they can possibly be.