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Ravensdale Primary School

Welcome to Reception

Reception has two classes.

 The Penguins are taught by Miss Davies.

 The Puffins are taught by Miss Elson.

Mrs Stone and Miss Phillips work across Reception. Mrs Russell (Music) and Mr Jones (Sports Coach) also deliver some lessons each week. 


Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in our latest Curriculum Map. 

We have had an amazing first half term in Reception. We have spent lots of time getting to know each other, building relationships and making friends. The children have settled into the routine beautifully and we are so proud of their progress so far. 


Happy to be me!

 We have been learning all about us! We have enjoyed drawing, painting and creating self portraits of ourselves and our families. We have learnt about the amazing things that our body can do and have learnt lots of new vocabulary to talk about our different body parts and organs and their important jobs in keeping us healthy. We have also been exploring and investigating the world around us using our five senses; ask me to tell you what they are! 

We have also talked about 'belonging' and being part of a family here at Ravensdale. We discussed different groups and clubs that we belong to, as well as our families and friendship groups. We are all unique and special and important! 

Happy to be me



 The Midnight Fair

Our Whole School book for this half term was 'The Midnight Fair' which is a beautifully illustrated, wordless picture book. We have really enjoyed using the illustrations and our imagination to create the story and even had a go at editing our own versions of the story. We have learnt a lot about different woodland animals and have even taken on the roles of these animals through role play and re-enacting the story. We did some amazing drawings of the animals from the story and even had a go at writing a simple caption for them using "I am..."


If you go down to the woods...

We have just started our new topic 'If you go down to the woods' and have been using the new vocabulary and ideas that we learnt from 'The Midnight Fair' to support our new learning. Our supporting text for this topic is 'Deep in the Woods' by Christopher Corr. We have been reading the story in parts, stopping after key events in the story to make predictions. I wonder if your child can retell the story to you? 


Ravensdale Reads 

Ravensdale Reads is our new 'book club' where we come together, read stories, share our favourites and recommend similar books to really encourage a love of reading at Ravensdale. This half term Reception's focus for Ravensdale Reads has been 'Traditional Tales'. We have enjoyed reading The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, The Gingerbread Man, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

We have been discussing these stories and reading stories with similar ideas and characters. The children have loved exploring these stories through role play, retelling the stories, drawing their favourite characters, building storytelling settings and creating their own versions of each story.

Ravensdale Reads



We have been very busy in Maths this half term! We have been learning the careful counting rules- ask your child if they can remember what they are?

We have also been learning how to sort and match objects in a variety of ways by shape, colour, size and amounts. We learnt the Makaton signs for 'same' and 'different', and 'more' and 'less' - see if your child can teach you. 

We have enjoyed identifying and exploring patterns that we see all around us such as stripes, spots, flowers and zigzags, as well as looking at different repeating patterns using different objects to continue patterns and making a repeating pattern of actions such as jumping, clapping and stomping. We particularly enjoyed the Banana Banana Meatball dance which is all about patterns! Have a go at home with your child!




We have been enjoying lots of mark making, copying and following patterns and learning how to write our names. We have started learning our Phonics sounds and enjoy looking for sounds all around our classrooms, as well as writing them down and beginning to read some simple words together! 

PE Days

Tuesday and Thursday. 

Children are to come into PE kits on these days.

Children can wear:

 ●A plain white T-shirt – no brands or logos

●Plain blue (navy/royal) shorts/joggers/hoody – no brands or logos

●Trainers or pumps

 Children cannot wear:

●Hot pants, short shorts and cropped tops are not appropriate for school

●No earrings or jewellery during the lesson

●No football shirts or kits whatsoever

Please remove earrings before coming to school on PE days. 



October Half Term Homework- Have fun collecting some Autumn treasures for us to explore together after half term! We hope you have a lovely half term and have a good rest.  Make sure to send us some pictures on Tapestry so we can see what adventures you get up to! 


Key Dates

Sunday 5th November- Bonfire Night 

Monday 6th November- Back to school (Autumn Term 2 starts)

Thursday 9th November- Autumn walk 

(Please make sure you bring in your wellies for this)

Sunday 12th November- Diwali 

Tuesday 14th November - RWINc Parents meeting (please check your email for details) 

Friday 17th November- Children in Need 

Children are invited to come to school in their PJs for a small donation of 50p coins. Our challenge is to make the longest class line of 50p coins! 

Thursday 30th November- Trip to 'The Gruffalo' at Warwick Arts Centre


Please check the school calendar and check your emails for Operoo communications for a full list and reminders about school events and key dates.


Important Information




Tapestry is now up and running- have you logged in yet? Can you share some of your amazing home learning with us? Ask Miss Davies or Miss Elson if you need help or advice.


As we are now heading towards winter and the colder months, please make sure that your child comes to school with their coat everyday. Over half term please help your child to practise doing up their coat zips. If your child has a hat, scarf and gloves please make sure that these are all named.



The 'My Child at School' App is our new, exciting platform for communicating with families- please make sure you have the app and have notifications switched on.

Please make sure that your child's photo permission information is correct and up to date.