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Ravensdale Primary School

Curriculum Intent

At Ravensdale Primary School, we aim to offer a learning journey that is exciting, engaging, inspiring and inclusive, empowering our pupils to think independently and learn collaboratively.

All our teaching and learning is built around meeting and further exploring the requirements of the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 (2014) and the Early Years framework (2021 update) in EYFS. 

At Ravensdale Primary School, we have adopted and are shaping the Dimensions ‘Learning Means the World’ © Curriculum to develop a more cohesive, thematic approach to learning that not only ensures we address all aspects of the National Curriculum but engages and interests our children in a unique way.

So, what is the intent of our curriculum overall?

  • To excite and enthuse learners and teachers
  • To inspire stimulating learning environments
  • To develop our five school values as character traits for all
  • To create purposeful, immersive and memorable learning
  • To ensure a cohesion, where learning is connected and built on systematically, improving progression throughout our school
  • To explore strong learning links between subjects, skills and knowledge
  • To develop and deepen pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding across the curriculum through a diverse range of themes which ambitiously focus on current world issues
  • To support pupils in exploring challenging and controversial global and social justice issues
  • To value, support and celebrate cultural diversity
  • To help pupils understand their place in the community, and the world, so that they might understand their own worth and the worth of others
  • To empower pupils and boost their confidence
  • To allow pupils to display their understanding in multiple ways
  • To ensure inclusivity through our delivery of an accessible and relevant curriculum